In the Beginning

In the beginning of 2000...Willow was looking for someone who was willing to work on spells with her. Tara had been practicing witchcraft longer, so she agreed to help teach Willow. Willow at that time had lost Oz and everybody else seemed to have someone else to count on. Her and Tara got closer and the closer they got, the more they fell inlove.
When Oz made his return, Willow chose Tara over him. Spell after spell, Willow continued to cast them. Finally, it got the best of her so Tara said that if she could not go without a casting a spell that she would leave. But Willow, trying to bring back Buffy alive, used a spell. Tara decided to end it.
She realized that she was depending on magic more then her friends. Willow begin to use it when it was the last resort. Willow had to use it to save Tara when her mind was stolen. They got back together and are happy.

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