Rudy Galindo is an amazing skater. He is fun to watch. Since he has become a skater, he has accomplished many things, including feeling free to be himself by letting the world know he is gay and winning several competitions both by himself and with Kristi Yamaguchi. Here are the awards he's won.

Pairs with Kristi Yamaguchi

1985   Central Pacific, Junior Pairs 1st
1985   U.S. National Championships, Junior Pairs 5th
1986   World Junior Championships 5th
1986   U.S. National Championships, Junior Pairs 1st
1986   Olympic Festival 3rd
1986   Skate America 5th
1987   World Junior Championships 3rd
1987   U.S. National Championships 5th
1988   World Junior Championships 1st
1988   U.S. National Championships 5th
1988   Skate Electric 1st
1988   NHK Trophy 3rd
1989   U.S. National Championships 1st
1989   World Championships 5th
1989   Skate America 2nd
1989   NHK Trophy 4th
1990   U.S. National Championships 1st
1990   World Championships & 5th


1982   National Novice 1st
1983   Pacific Coast Juniors 6th
1984   Grand Prize SNP 1st
1984   National Juniors 5th
1984   Pacific Coast Juniors 3rd
1985   World Championships Juniors 3rd
1985   National Juniors 3rd
1985   Pokal der Blauen Schwerter 2nd
1986   World Championships Juniors 2nd
1986   National Juniors 3rd
1987   Central Pacific Senior 1st
1987   World Championships Juniors 1st
1987   U.S. National Championships 8th
1987   U.S. Olypic Festival 2nd
1987   Asko Cup 1st
1988   U.S. National Championships 10th
1991   Pacific Coast Senior 3rd
1991   U.S. National Championships 11th
1991   U.S. Olypic Festival 5th
1992   Pacific Coast Senior 1st
1992   U.S. National Championships 8th
1992   Prague Skate 2nd
1993   Pacific Coast Senior 1st
1993   U.S. National Championships 5th
1993   U.S. Olypic Festival 2nd
1993   Nations Cup 4th
1994   Pacific Coast Senior 1st
1994   U.S. National Championships 7th
1994   Vienna Cup 1st
1995   Pacific Coast Senior 1st
1995   U.S. National Championships 8th
1996   Pacific Coast Senior 1st
1996   U.S. National Championships 1st
1996   World Championships 3rd
1996   Hershey's Kisses Challenge 2nd

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