Players Holiday


You say what?
The president did what?
Ah that's all good baby
He got rid of the Player Haters too?
Ah we need to declare this a national holiday
We gonna call this Players Holiday
Ant B-Z what up man?

(Ant Banks)

Rise and shine make you wanna say
Dear god let me thank you for another day
Liven life on the edge and I'm tryin to break it
To all the duckin the fears but it's a struggle to make it
So this is your day homie now it's time to shine
And for players only checkin we can wine and dine stress free
From the drama, betta go get yo ticket
And come cause players can't lie to kick it

(Mac Mall)

It feels good not to cry nomore
Don't get it twisted cause I still her soul
Maintain is tryin to reach my goal
Liven life truly successful
So my little soldiers never have to sell no dope
All the cutties from the biz comin home again
And we ain't tryin to kill eachother cause brother we all in
Beautiful black women give'em much respect
And ain't no funk between the east and the west
It's just a Player Holiday


Today's the day Players play
So you better be on your way
On your way, your way
Now it's time to celebrate
Hurry up and don't be late
Cause you know it's gonna be a lovely day
Lovely day (x16)

(Too $hort)

January 1 the year 2000
We gettin all the money
And we make them clowin
You can tell everybody that stays around your way
Today is the official Players Holiday
Short Dog I'm lovin every minute of it
Cause pimps been around since the beginning of it
We barbecuing chicken
That's what we doin
Buy some breezy and we kicken
The Cap what you doin?

(Captain Save Em)

I'm just sitten here timing like a Rolex watch
I figured by now y'all know Hip-Hop and Rap won't stop
Puttin it together like a racing track
Where my Latino, Philippino, and Essay partners at?
I know you feel me when
I say that lifes a struggle
All but god first y'all know we can't help but bubble
So keep ya head up
And know that things are changing for the better


(Ant Banks)

Now all the real players throw
Your roles in The Air
And wave'em like you just don't care
From side to side and from front to back
Throw the peace sign baby
Show me where you at
Dollar bill y'all
We can scream it out loud
And Mac Mall's here
Homie that can move the crowd
So bail with yo nigga across the town
Squeeze on the haters and no need to clown

(Rappin 4-tay)

None of the homies got pop
None of the spots got bad around
But I'll be damned
It's crackin like a summer jam
Barbecues no more fuse Players in Bracelets
Slammin dominos
Bustin raps still paper chasin
It's better to keep a distance
It's all love baby rub-a-dub-dub
Welcome to the players club baby
A family affair
Toast to the bay
Looks like it's gonna be one of those lovely days


(Mac Mall)
Mama used to put my clothes on layaway
Now I'm dibbed everyday
And every casino got big thangs
Holler at me man
Used to rock the back of the bus
Now I'm spinnin V-12's
Though the times is rough
In god we trust
Hater u can only hate us but you can't front
Cause u knew we were bound to blow up
Get paid while we can
Short Dog and Ant Banks, Mac Mall doin big on a Players Holiday

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